Studies show that you'll spend upwards of 90,000 hours of your lifetime at work. Why bother being uncomfortable on your feet? We can have comfortable shirts, jackets, pants, underwear, and socks, but what about shoes?

Office Slippers are just that - comfortable slippers that look like any other shoe you'd wear into the office. 


We believe that this is stemming from an actual need. Every other article of clothing has their comfortable options, but what about shoes? Sure, you can wear regular slippers to the office. You know what they say though – dress to impress. The office can be a cutthroat place sometimes, and you certainly don’t want to compliment that new navy suit with a pair of moccasins. 
It's not just the office: we also think these are great for teachers, students, hosting a party, and more. Wear them on that brutal layover at LAX, to that hot date (prepare to be swooned over), or just around the house. We'll make them, but the potential is up to you. 

The idea behind the movement:

I started these because I was tired of the status quo. Growing up, I had always had slippers. In college, I wore them to class sometimes. Once I entered the workforce, I felt the need to fit in and conform. Unfortunately, that meant sacrificing comfort for style. Over the course of a few years, my closet changed from t-shirts and jeans to oxfords and chinos. I felt like a real life grown-up, but a bit of my soul was gone. I tried to rebel in my own way - I peppered my outfit rotation with salmon-colored button flys, turtlenecks, and even a knockoff version of something Kanye West wore once. I got odd looks, but I still was missing the comfort.
The lightbulb moment happened when I took a job on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue- “The Magnificent Mile”. I was sightseeing on lunch and wandered into a H&M across the street from my office. I saw slippers on clearance, so I scooped up a pair. Naturally, I forgot to bring them home, so the next day when I saw the bag still at my desk after walking in from a torrential downpour, I slipped them on. Boom- instant game changer. Unfortunately, my HR department didn’t agree. After a “friendly” conversation with those folks, I had to revert back to my waterlogged loafers. It wasn’t the same. After scouring the internet for a solution, I found out that I had to take things into my own hands, and Office Slippers was born.
-Mike, Founder

Don't take it from us - listen to some of these early reviews that have come in:

"I live in Minneapolis and we get enough snow outside, I don’t want it under my desk too!" - Pat, Minneapolis, MN

"The execs kept giving me weird looks every time I wore my emoji slippers in the office - now they don’t suspect a thing." - Colby, Washougal, WA

"I wore these on a date the other night, safe to say they’re my good luck charm now!" - Matt, East Alton, IL

"I’m tiny, so I sit on my feet in my chair. It wasn't comfy with my regular clunkers, but it’s a breeze with these." - Anna, Chapel Hill, NC